Truth Of Corporate Race

“So here we are, on this 25th anniversary of company and we have reached the heights we once dreamed.”

It was silver jubilee ceremony of the company. Many men on the stage and many words were spoken. Many senior employees of the company were waiting for this to be over and to eat food but one employee was listening with full attention. He was new employee and he wanted to be the best employee of the year. His eyes were full of gaze, he was full of enthusiasm. He could be the best employee. Yes, he can make the best employee of the company.

“Why are you hearing with such concentration?” An senior employee asked.
Him being a naive employee, “I want to be there on the stage, in his place.” He pointed for the director.

Senior employee laughed-” You are not the only one here, everybody wants to be there. You are new, It will take time for you to understand this rat race.”
“And this years’ best employee award goes to Rahul Bajaj.”

He didn’t say anything. What rat-race? He knew only one way and he can do that, hard-work. For next 1 year, he took many great responsibilities, he accomplished many projects, he worked very hard with 15 hours per day average. He waited for next anniversary of the company. Probably he was competing with many employees of his age-group. He was not alone.
He waited and finally in the ceremony the moment came.

Senior employee asked-” Why are listening them with such concentration?”
He said-” No, it’s just, I wanted to see who gets the best employee award.”
Senior employee laughed and said-” You are not the only one here. You are new, this rat-race have some rules.”

He said nothing. ” And this years’ best employee award goes to Rahul Bajaj.”
Another year he worked hard. but still exact thing happened.  Competitors were from his own age-group. What are the rules? Why senior employee would laugh at him? Who is this “Rahul Bajaj”? After 2 years food at ceremony had his interest.

Another year he worked hard and yet same result. In 10 years he learned some stuff about this Rahul Bajaj and now he could understand what was happening in this rat-maze.
Rahul Bajaj was general manager of the Company. And the regular best employee of the company since past 15 years. Who was good employee? The one who works hard, and contributes the biggest in the development, in progress of the company? No.

The best employee was the one who keeps other employees in delusion of hard working spirit, the one whom people will follow, the one who can make people fool again and again and can make them envy of him, the one who can give many more employee like young and naive ones to the company. Simply he was a bigger rat who was provided to all other smaller rats to follow in this rat-maze. They bribed that bigger rat and now he will roam in rat maze forever. Smaller rats would never come out of the it this way.

It was the 35th ceremony of the company. Food was all, which could interest him. He suddenly saw a young employee besides him who was hearing everything with concentration.

He asked-” Why you are hearing everything with such concentration?”

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