Undo These Changes From Your Resume To Attract More Interview

Resume writingWhen there are so many resume are on table to process HR and managers have very little time to look at each résumé closely. If you want to pass this round, you need to have some compelling resume which highlights your good thing in few lines.
Based on my experience you should avoid these sections from your resume.

1. Personal details

Don’t include your marital status, religion, home address or any other personal detail and never at the top.

2. Your hobbies

Generally no HR and manager cares for this. If it’s not relevant to the job you’re applying for, it’s a waste of space and a waste of the company’s time.

3. Non-professional email address

Some freshers gives some cool type of email address like mayankcool.. @gmail.com or any weird naming. Avoid these email addresses.

4. Fancy fonts

Don’t try to add fancy font to make your resume looks classier. Instead it makes difficult to read the resume and looks unprofessional.

5. An explanation of why you want the job

Resume is not the place where you should explain why you’d be a great resource or why you want this job. Your projects and skill should able to convince this and if they don’t then resume needs improvement.

6. Reasons you left your previous company

Writing any explanation for why you left last company is irrelevant for resume. Manager or HR will ask these things during interview.

7. Your College and School grades

This is good when you are fresher or 1-2 year of experience but if you are more experienced than that this will not add not much value unless you are gold medalist.

8. An objective

Many candidate do that. Your objective does not matters to the company and to you either. So avoid this old fashioned writing.

9. Short-term employment

If you worked for a company for very short period of time then avoid mentioning in the resume. It will lead to unnecessary questioning.

10. Too much lies

Your should able to justify your skills and projects mentioned in the resume. Writing too many lies to pass the screening will not help you later.

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